Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Sad, Sad Tale (In 100 words)

Yuuuup I was nerdy enough to enter the short fiction contest on Sparknotes. (DOUBLE NERD POINTS! Or nerd points squared... whatever.) Here it is, for your daily dose of sorrow.


Kevin pokes me. “Look at that poker face!”

I stare at the after-musical party before me. My fellow high-school actors are absurdly drunk, coughing soggy giggles, stippled by hiccups.

One boy stands out, his blue mohawk glowing through the cigarette smoke. His cavernous mouth laughs loudest, kisses the most girls, tells jokes that send the crowd rolling on the ground. He drains a glass, smashes it down, shouts, “Another!” Everyone cracks up. Clown.

“That’s not a poker face,” I say. “I’ve never seen a less stoic character in my life.”

Kevin blinks. “You don’t know? His little sister died yesterday.”