Monday, September 3, 2012

"Burnout Beach Cogitations": A Poem

Story Behind the Poem: I was at King's Harbor's Church on the Beach, when I realized that a manifestation of God's power was glorying before me. A flash of inspiration with the first line and the structure of this poem flashed through my mind, and I managed to write it all down this morning.

So without further ado...

Burnout Beach Cogitations

I listen to the low, subterranean thunder
of a liquid universe breathing beneath me.
My wet palms grip the rubbery foam
of a reluctant 12-foot board,
sustaining equilibrium on a slumbering sea.

And to think that an Almighty Creator
who could undo the oceanic cosmos
who could uproot, if He wanted to, the secrets
            of silent, watery volcanoes
and needlefish like silvery bullets
            of gargantuan blue whales
and white rays wafting through thick liquid
            of fluorescent tentacles
and many-faceted reefs
            of sea stars’ tangerine bodies
and the great white’s thirsty teeth
            of striped sea serpents trailing bright coral
and translucent flounder fins
            of feathery ocean worms
and mosaic jellyfish,
            of the inflated puffer
and the frolicking otter,
            the slope-necked penguin,
the curving dolphin,
            the deep-sea gardens of kelp,
the frilled shark’s prehistoric jaws,
            the nightmarish fangtooth fish
and the spider crab’s clicking claws,
            the luminescence of sea-floor demons
the incandescent squid
            Imagine, He could make these die, proliferate, or Vanish
if it pleased Him.
            Imagine that He
who knows the impetrenable depths
and unmappable breadth
of millions of leagues
and numberless degrees
of every inlet, every puddle, every sea

can still love me—