Monday, February 4, 2013

Another 65 Word Story... about a mermaid

Another short short short story for your entertainment.

And by the way, in the spirit of writerly news, five of my poems and one of my flash fiction pieces just won Gold Keys (state level, national medals will be decided later) in the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards!!! If you know what that is, you probably understand how LUDICROUSLY EXCITED I AM.

But without further ado... another slice of magical realism, in 65 words.


Order Sirenia

There’s a mermaid in the aquarium. You can visit her tank and see where her white flesh meets aluminum-silver scales, a tail of filmy chevrons, long hair fanning the water like seaweed. Last week, the aquarium managers were too busy arguing about whether a tank is humane and the 3/5 Compromise to notice the little boy who jumped in the water to ask her opinion.


Sidenote: 1) Order Sirenia is actually a real biological order that mermaids are categorized in. Check out the second paragraph of this Wikipedia article...

2) The 3/5 Compromise was a federal, pre-Civil War decision that only counted a slave as 3/5 of a person. I alluded to it to bring up the theme of dehumanization, the paradox of what human dignity means when you can't even interpret a being as human, and the way in which we treat slaves or those we unconsciously demean. Yeah. Everything's freakin political.


  1. Congrats on the Scholastic winnings!!!

  2. Thanks!! We'll see if I can get to your level of bossness when nationals are announced.