Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Another Sad, Sad Tale in 50 Words.

                                                   After Valentine's

a stuffed bear peeks out from the lone trash can, white cotton candy fuzz flecked with refinery silt. it is NighT. his miserable bead eyes glint in the glow of a drooping street lamp, chubby arms still bearing a torn velvet heart that says in stitched italics I LOVE YOU


Funny how misplaced objects, a carefully phrased reaction, or a new addition to a schedule can tell you so much about what went down in a relationship. Or in the glorious agony of life in general.

Not that I spent Valentine's Day thinking about that. I spent Valentine's day with this guy!

He's not headed towards a trashcan any time soon.

In other writerly news, thirteen of my flash fiction pieces/ poems just won merit awards from the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards!! So grateful that God lets me be a part of His story in the literary world.

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