Tuesday, April 23, 2013

NEW POEM- "Remarks to A Dandelion"

So, the creative writing class prompt was to write about dandelions. I researched the religious, medical, historic, and literary connotations of dandelions and welded them into second person free verse.

But who am I kidding? You probably pay as much attention to these introductions as you do to iTunes terms and conditions. Dig in-

Remarks to A Dandelion

Small sun,
who drained
his secrets in the strata
of your mustard mane?
Who tried to blow
her muttering troubles
out to sea,
as far as forty drops
of wool would go?

Who sliced your verdant tube
as the November moon
swelled in sky;
a pearl
in a forgotten pool?
Who licked the bitter milk
and flicked aside
the peel,
as quick as cups
of wrath are emptied,
and stale desire heals?

Smiling beast,
the globe of inchoate wishes,
the translucent seeds
anchored to center,
with one exhale,
a mistral to shore,
a quavering bay
of sun-flamed strays,
a singular ROAR.