Sunday, November 3, 2013

New Poem: Walking with That One Guy You Like And Then A Hot Girl Happens to Pass By

Hey friends! I haven't posted poetry in forever, and I'm guessing that most of my new college acquaintances have no idea that I even write poetry.

So I'm posting a poem I wrote a while back- I don't feel this insecure way about this particular person anymore, but I think that this is the sort of situation that everyone has been in. So I posted it. And you're going it read it. And here it is.

Walking With That One Guy You Like And Then A Hot Girl Happens To Pass By

The thrust of a heartstring
Is the shock of our paths meeting:
The best gesture of his brain
Is less than the mascara feathers
Of her eyelids’ flutter;

Suddenly, everything about
The sudden wrench of his head
To see if you had laughed
At the professor’s joke too,
And the gradual zenith of his arm
Closer to yours on the desk
And all of the twitches
Of cheek muscle
And raspberry curve of lower lip
That whispered I love
For the past two hours fracture
On the expectant floor.

You may not be sure
That he has even noticed her,
The golden girl,
The matte sun faintly gleaming,
But you can already sense
A drift from your side,
A buoy to its distant anchor,
Seeking the effulgent shore
In the parabola arch
Of her neck.

As you move past
Her shining,
A new thought occurs:
That Odysseus is
In spite of Kalypso. That
He is still walking
With you.



1. Yes, "the best gesture of his brain" part is a reference to e. e. cummings.
2. The contrast between the snarky, almost dumb-ish title and the rather verbose text was intended.
3. This is not a serious poem.

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