Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Poem about Plants (and God.)

This is a poem about plants. And about the watchmaker theory and how one might question the existence of a higher power in a time of emotional need. And other existential stuff. But really it's about plants.

Is Anybody Out There

The geranium has begun to stretch
beyond the garden trellis, halted by 
the bald hardness of a patio window.

Small green feelers grip
helplessly at uncharted 
territories of glass.

Sometimes I wonder what it must
have felt like, to discover one day
that the pentagon promises of wire

have run out, to clutch once at the 
oblivious glass above, then at the rod below,
towards the unanswering frame

like a mute, shut-eyed Buddha, still
opening his arms like the slow
fanning-out of a lotus.

The geranium may begin to wonder why
whoever put the trellis in the garden
suddenly halted the checkerboard of cable—

and, perhaps, why he is not here now.
For now there is no one,
not even the amiable bumblebee,

to save the leafy octopus legs
still infantile, arcing inexorably
into the evanescent summer air.


1. Yes, I did sneak a haiku into stanza 2. 
2. This is the first poem I've worked on in a few months of poetic starvation (i.e. being too lazy to write anything at all.)So have mercy on these verses.